2006 & Later VW / Audi Carbon Deposit Issues

143Direct injection engines have been in VW’s and Audi’s since 2006. Direct injection is great for increasing fuel efficiency. These changes have given the engines a fresh design and it comes with its benefits, but also its downsides. One of these is that the direct injection tends to cause carbon deposits and build up in the engine. This is a result of high mileage or low quality fuels.

The result can be a worsening engine performance, loss of efficiency, and running dirty. If these symptoms have been noticed in your 2006 or later VW or Audi, it’s a good idea to get it check on. These problems only get worse as time goes on, and left untreated the problem can become exponentially worse, resulting in more sever engine problems.

Audi’s and VW’s are great cars, but they come with their quirks. A little TLC and these cars will run wonderfully smooth for years of ownership. If you would like to check on your engine’s carbon deposits or other vehicle maintenance issues, contact German Auto Sport! Call us today at 978-388-1288

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