2008 Audi A6Q 3.2: Bad Engine or Bad Maintenance?

We met this 2008 Audi A6Q 3.2 just shy of its 5th birthday in early 2013. 98,748 miles and in need of replacement rear brakes from its inquiring owner/driver. A few other requests/
concerns from owner were set forth and had me wondering…whatʼs the real deal???

2008 Audi A6Q 3.2 bad engine or bad maintenance?

The schedule, the assessment and after a few appointments and consulting and
educating the owner we saved an engine from the debilitating damage from excessive
carbon and/sludge build ups.

The vehicle is scheduled, arrives and checked in and written up with customer concerns.

The rear brakes (customer told elsewhere that they were needed)

Wheel liner (install customer supplied part, vehicle reported to have had hit a deer) – Iʼm
thinking OK.

Inspect steering rack due to impact. Alright.

The ashtray lid is stuck closed. Iʼm thinking thatʼs a good priority, I think with sarcasm.
And lastly would like a catalytic converter efficiency test. Why??? Because fault codes
were previously diagnosed from customers response.

The Audi is brought in the bay. Like any vehicle we have never seen before it gets a
quick look over. In this case look at brake pad wear and rotor condition. Its confirmed
rear brakes are needed, but also front brakes are worn. Tires OK. No damage to
steering rack and wheel liner replaced. A readout of the vehicle DME revealed a
sporadic misfire at cylinder #3 and vehicle catalytic converter appears undamaged or
excessively worn. It is noted no reminder sticker on window or door jam for oil service
due date. Oil is dark, level OK. Its confirmed the ashtray door is stuck and technician is
able to open and restore function.

Importance of Car Maintenance in Massachusetts

Our customer is consulted. Oil service, spark plugs and ignition coils are recommended
and we continue with replacement of plugs and coils. We are advised by customer that
the oil service is not due. After replacement of maintenance items the engine
management system is monitored. From a cold start sporadic misfire faults returns at
cylinder #3. Air pump engages for catalytic converter warm up and closes, misfire
settled. Slightly concerned of a further problem due to the condition of spark plugs, the
customer is advised. The vehicle returns mid year for front brakes. All is reported good
from spark plug and coil replacement. Satisfied for the moment we inquire about oil
service. Vehicle now has 105,963 miles. Our customer responds, “service is not due”.

Sludge Build-up in engines in Massachusetts

The vehicle returns in November with 115,332 miles on it. Check engine light has
illuminated. A returning misfire at cylinder #3 has now triggered a light. We revisit
previous service date and test coil and inspect spark plug. Misfire does not follow and
spark plug has signs of contamination and premature wearing. Injector and valve is now
examined with a borascope. Confirmed of what was concerned 16,584 miles ago.
Engine oil in poor condition and still no reports of an oil change. The customer is
consulted and informed the engine has excessive carbon build up and is in need of
decarbonization and replacement of fuel injectors with an oil service. The customer is
educated on what has occurred, the common causes and the importance of servicing at
a lessor increment of interval. We also continue with transmission service and offer a
tire rotation on the house.

The tedious task of cleaning the intake to save the engine is no doubt extremely time
consuming and requires a highly skilled professional to be successful. 4,862 miles later
the vehicle returns for followup oil service. Pleased to see the vehicle even if over its
recommended oil service increment, it is reported that the vehicle is running well. Top
tier fuel is reported to being used and no return of check engine light. Oil service
revealed oil still dark but not like previous visits. No oil consumption is reported. A read
out and monitor and interpretation of engine management systems declares misfiring is
not present. A sigh of relief, another engine saved from the devastating effects of
extended maintenance intervals. It is recommended this vehicle be seen in 3,750 miles.

Let this be your first example of the importance of routine automobile maintenance!

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