4 Audi Winter Maintenance Tasks

Having an Audi is something to be proud of and when you take pride in something, you do everything you can to take care of it! Maintaining your Audi is a year-long task, but the winter months require a little extra attention to detail to ensure both you and your car are safe. Follow these four maintenance tasks this winter and you’ll be driving in style safely!

Winter Maintenance Tips For Audi Cars

1. Check Your Lights

Winter occurs during daylight savings time which means it’s dark early and stays dark later into the morning. All of this extra time in the dark makes it more important than ever to have properly working lights. Check all of your lights, including both low beams and high beams, to make sure no bulbs are out. Once you know all of your bulbs are working, look for any signs of tarnish or build upon the light cover that could be impacting the brightness and visibility.


2. Upgrade Your Tires

Using winter tires is not just a safety recommendation, it’s the law. Visit your local Audi specialist to equip your car with winter tires before the weather gets too bad. Winter tires are different and safer than traditional all-season tires.


3. Inspect Your Battery

The battery in your car is put under more stress during the winter months. With cold weather and increased use of heat, wipers, and headlights, that’s to be expected! Visit your local Audi repair shop to have your battery inspected and find out if it’s working properly. The last thing you want is for your battery to die when you’re trying to get somewhere on time this winter.


4. Checking Fluids

While you’re at the Audi repair shop, ask them to check all of your fluids under the hood. You should top off your oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid before the temperatures drop. This is a great time to replace your oil filter too! Once your fluids have been checked by an Audi specialist, continue to monitor them yourself through the rest of winter. Keep your tank filled at least half full with premium gas to prevent condensation in your gas tank as temperatures drop.


Following these winter maintenance tasks will not only keep you safe this winter, but they’ll also extend the life of your Audi too! Remember to always take your Audi to a certified Audi repair shop for all of your Audi maintenance needs. Attempting to preform maintenance yourself without experience could have a disastrous outcome
for your vehicle.

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