Audi Traffic Light Connected Cars Launching In Fall

Audi will be rolling out their Traffic Lights Online in the fall of 2016 and plans to operate in multiple cities within the U.S. by the end of the year. This new technology plans to dilute some of the frustration some drivers experience with traffic lights, decrease people using phones while driving and keeping traffic flowing. What this technology does is that it turns in real time data of when traffic lights are turning red ahead of you and when they will turn green.

The count down of when the lights will be turning red or green will appear in Audi’s dashboard display; the Virtual Cockpit. The countdown will tell you how many seconds a driver has until the light will turn green. What is interesting about this, is that the countdown actually starts before you get to the red light itself. After you go through one set of lights, the timer will start for the next traffic light that is coming up on your trip. Instead of having drivers gun it to beat the light, Audi hopes it will take away the uncertainty of when the light will change. Audi feels a better informed driver is a less stressed driver. Audi also included that the timer will disappear seconds before the light turns to green, as to not seem like a racing count down.

The rollout of this technology will be gradual, as with the car models that support the system. Audi has stated that the 2017 models that were made after June 1st of this year will be compatible with this technology. This includes the latest Q7, A4 and A4 Allroad.

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