BMW M5 Look Being Slightly Altered

Everyone knows and loves the look of the M5 series of BMWs. The current model has been around since 2011 and everyone has become well aware of how it looks. They can probably spot it from a mile away. Being five years old, it is no wonder why BMW wants change the look of the series.

For the most part, the signature trademarks are there such as four exhaust tips and flared fenders. The new additions include the front bumper being reworked a little bit with larger air intakes. In addition, the headlights appear to be slightly different in looking more like the 7 series.

The new generation of M5 will be accompanied by a V8 engine and rumors are spreading that it might have the ability to give power to all four tires. No matter the change, we have the ability to repair any BMW model with our high energy staff!

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