Car Battery & Ignition Service & Repairs

Can’t start your car? More often than not, there is a good chance that your car won’t start because of a problem with your battery or ignition. German Auto Sport is happy to provide car owners with battery & ignition service and repairs.

The most common symptoms of a failed ignition switch are that your car won’t start, it starts then dies or that some electrical parts of your car don’t work (radio, lights or clock). The purpose of the ignition is to ignite a fuel-air mixture.

The car battery is a powerful member of the automotive team that sits under your hood. Unfortunately, your battery won’t and doesn’t last forever. A general rule of thumb that we live by is that a battery lasts for around 4 years. Based off a various number of factors including where you live, the conditions of the system and how you drive will all factor into how much you can get out of your battery.

Whether you have diagnosed the problem with your car or you need help diagnosing a problem, German Auto Sport is here to help. For more information please feel free to stop by our shop or give us a call at (978)388-1288.