Car Maintenance Tips During Cold Winter Months

This winter is off to an exceptional cold and snowy start. The below zero temperatures are known to do some damage to the automobile like deflate tires, kill batteries and freeze your anti-freeze mixture if not proportionately filled. The automobile experts at German AutoSport have a few tips for you this winter to keep your car running at optimal levels.

Winter Car Maintenance Tips in Massachusetts

Replace Your Wipers

The first step to take is the easiest. Get your windshield wipers replaced with new wipers before every winter. old and broken wipers can lead to poor visibility during a snow storm. Check your wipers for any cuts or rubber separation. If you notice the runner is starting to fall apart, its time for new wipers that can actually clear your windshield.

Keep A Full Tank Of Wiper Fluid

During the winter months when the roads are plastered with salt and sand, your windshield will get messy in a hurry. Make sure your wiper fluid is always topped off and keep an extra bottle in your trunk. Topping off your wiper fluid tank will also keep it from freezing in below zero temps.

Test Your Car Battery

Make sure your battery is functioning properly and optimally. Cold temps have been known to kill a car battery and ruin an individuals day. No one likes being stuck outside in the cold. Also make sure to check your cable connections to see if there is any corrosion. This can be a tell tale sign that you need to replace your battery.

Check Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures are known to deflate tires. Have you ever tried to dribble a basketball after its sat in below freezing temperatures? You’ll have a tough time getting any bounce out of it. Same goes for your tires. Check your tire pressure once a week during the winter months to make sure they are at the proper pressure level as stated in your owner’s manual.

Change Your Anti-Freeze

Despite its name, anti-freeze has been known to freeze solid and can ruin your cars engine if not mixed properly. Before each winter, have the anti-freeze in your car changed, making sure to keep the 50/50 mix ratio of anti-freeze and water. You can also have your cooling system pressure tested at your local mechanic to be extra safe.

German AutoSport can meet all your automobile’s winter weather needs to keep it running at optimal levels. Contact us today to set up an appointment to have your car looked over. We hope these tips helps and we hope you’re staying warm! (978) 388-1288

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