Check Engine Light Analysis

When your “Check Engine Light” goes off, every single driver gives that annoyed and disappointed look. The reasons for this going off in your car can range from something as simple as a lose cap to a very serious situation. German Auto Sports technicians provide a quick and timely analysis to figure out what your cars problem is. The problems vary but here are some of the more popular issues that arise with a check engine light going off:

  • - Failing Oxygen Sensor
  • - Loose Gas Cap
  • - Wires & Spark Plugs need to be replaced
  • - Catalytic Converter Failed
  • - Mass Airflow Sensor needs to be replaced

These are just a few of a hundred different possibilities that could be the cause of a check engine light.

For more information or to schedule an analysis with your car, feel free to give us a call at (978) 388-1288.