Custom VW Restoration Projects & Repairs

Generally we get a normal array of German automobiles that are looking for some basic repairs just to keep the cars performance running well. However, occansionally we will get an old, antique car that is looking to get back on the road. We love these types of projects! Last week we had 2 old, unique VW’s come in for some repairs.

First on deck was this White VW Eurovan from an owner in Atkinson, NH was looking for a cat back exhaust replacement. The cat back is the part of the exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the final vent to open air. Some of the benefits of a cat back exhaust is giving your car more powerand torque, reduced the level of back pressure at the engine manifold, allowing the engine to breathe better, and it can even increase fuel efficiency.

VW Custom Repairs in Amesbury, MA

The other interesting VW we worked on last week was some sort of Yellow VW Jeep looking thing (anyone know what is it?). This beauty arrived all the way from Kansas in hopes to get it back running again. It sure looks like it would be a fun car to take out for a spin! We’ll happily accept the challenge and any other challenges like it!

Custom VW Repair Shop in Massachusetts

Whether you are looking for a basic oil change, a part replacement, or just looking to get an old, antique back on the road, call the experts at Germany AutoSport. With decades of experience and passion for automobiles, your car will be in trusted hands. Give us a call today to learn more about us or schedule an appointment! (978) 388-1288

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