Driving Tips In The Rain

Driving in The RainSince there’s a very good chance that all snow fall is behind us, much of the precipitation falling down from the ski will be in the form of rain. That being said, as drivers, we can do our best for ourselves and others on the road, to drive the safety way possible. Here are 5 things you should avoid while driving in the rain.

  1. Stay Away From Sides Of Roads: Roads are constructed so that the highest point is in the middle. While it may not be a major difference, this does cause for water to drain towards the edges of the road. Standing water can be dangerous while driving in the rain which means staying towards the center of the road will keep you safest.
  2. Keep Your Headlights On But Not Too Bright: Headlights believe it or not are not only used for our personal benefit. They are extremely beneficial to other drivers as it helps them see us. In the murky conditions of a rain storm, headlights help everyone stay aware of there surroundings.
  3. Stop Driving If You Can’t See: If you’ve ever driven in a rain storm to the point where it coming down so hard, you can see then you should not be driving. It may be a no brainier but people continue to drive in these situations. As soon as possible, pull off road when safe.
  4. Stay Away From Flooded Areas: If you notice water flowing across the street from one side to the other, don’t try and cross. People continue to get swept away by stronger and deeper water then they have anticipated.
  5. Slow Down: While possibly the most obvious of them all is to slow down when driving. Drive well under speed limits,  as one of the worst dangers of driving fast in rainy conditions is hydroplaning.


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