Extending The Life Of Your Car

Your car is an investment and for that reason, it’s important to treat your car with extreme care. Doing everything you can to extend the life of your automobile will help you save money in the long run. Here are a few helpful tips to follow in order to extend the life of your vehicle.

Maintenance & Preventative Care: We’ve seen cars that get regular maintenance are the ones that add the most years to their life. It can absolutely help the longevity of a vehicle by tackling any problems before they get out of hand. One of the most important things you should check for is your fluids. Keeping them new and clean is priority number one for you! Falling behind on oil changes is a top priority as over time old oil will buildup and create harmful deposits.

Drive The Right Way: For most new cars, their is a break-in period of 1,000 miles. During this time try to not rev the engine to redline. Slowly accelerating your engine will help break in the engine rather then harming it.

Understand Your Vehicle: While you won’t understand how your car is constructed with it’s thousands of parts, you can pay attention to the ton, driving characteristics, and feel while driving. Once a month, take a ride with the radio down and listen to how your car sounds. If it sounds different, doesn’t have the same power it used to or just feels wrong, it’s time to reach out to a mechanic. Try your best describing the situation to your mechanic as it will save you both time.

Take Care Of Your Cars Interior: While the exterior of your car is important, the place you spend the most time, is inside. A poor looking interior will affect the way you feel as well as lowing the reselling value. A few things you can do to keep your cars interior looking good includes:

  •   –  Using rubber mats during the winter will prevent snow, mud and grime from building up.
  •   –  If you have any kids try placing down a towel and a sheet of plastic under the baby seat to prevent all sorts of gunk from staining the towel.

Take Care Of Your Cars Exterior: Taking care of the exterior of your car will also help the way you feel about your car and will help improve the reselling value. A few tips include:

  •   –  Wax your care twice a year to keep the paint looking the best. 
  •   –  If you have a garage, use it! Cars that stay in garages naturally have higher resale values and require less washes. The natural elements do take a toll after a while.

For all maintenance work to keep your car looking and feeling in tip top shape, feel free to reach out to German AutoSport. Located in Amesbury, MA, feel free to stop in or give us a call at (978)388-1288.

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