Fall Automotive Maintenance Tips

Auto Maintenance work in the fallProperly taking care of your vehicle is directly related to the quality in which you drive your car and in the way you maintain it. If you take care of your car, you will save money both in the short term and the long term. Throughout the year, different aspects of your car get strained and work during specific seasons. It is for this, that specific maintenance tips are more crucial during different times of the year. As the temperature drops and kids are back in school, it is important to understand some useful fall automotive maintenance tips.

  •    -   Batteries are extremely susceptible to breaking down during the cold weather months. Batteries don’t give signs before they fall so be sure to clean, tighten and free up any corrosion from your battery connections. It is suggested to check the battery and charging system but if your battery is over three years old it is advisable to get a replacement.
  •    -   Icy, and snow covered roads are right around the corner. If you notice any wear or tear, consider having your break system checked. Breaks are crucial to your safety, especially as the temperature begins to drop.
  •    -   Similar to breaks, you need to be sure your tire pressure and tread depth is up to par.
  •    -   Let this be a reminder, as many people forget: get an oil change! Motor oil is the blood of every vehicle. It is important that you check the last time you got an oil change.

For help and mechanical work on any of your fall maintenance work, please feel free to reach out to German Auto Sport.

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