Getting Your Car Ready For Spring

Especially being in New England, winter can take a serious toll on your car. The frigid temperatures, snow, salt and slush can do a number on everything from the tires to the wiper blades. While Spring is still under a month away, it’s good to get some of these ideas on your mind now. Here are five good things you can do to get your car past the damages from winter and into the spring spirit.

Wash The Underbody: Driving during the winter will eventually create a layer of salt and sand that can create corrosion to the bottom of your car. This corrosion can result in many problems such a rust. If you spend a few extra dollars at your local car wash, you can get a power wash under your car.

Wiper Blades Replacement: Wiper blades get put to work a little more the usual during winter. If you notice they aren’t working up to par during the spring rain, be sure to replace them.

Tire Pressure: Cold temperatures can quickly cause your car tires to under inflate. Reversely, the warm weather can cause them to over inflate.

Scrub Your Car: All the salt and sand from winter can also damage the car’s paint. A thorough cleaning will be very beneficial followed a wax. To be sure you get everything that winter tossed on your car, scrub the bottoms of doors as well.

Fill Up Fluids: Winter often demands a high use of car fluids, especially wiper fluid. Whether you want to check yourself or simply bring your car to a service station and they will fill everything up for you.

Winter still has its issues that you should be aware of during this last month from tips for driving in the snow to the affect of road salt on cars.

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