German Car Auto Repair in Hampton, NH

downtown Hampton, NHJust around the corner from our shop in Amesbury, Hampton, NH is one of the area’s top tourist destinations. People flock from all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts to see the beautiful 5 mile stretch of beaches and enjoy dining, music, nightlife and arcades all along the coast. Not only is Hampton a tourist hotbed during the summer, its home to over 15,000 residents as well. If you drive down the strip or through the neighborhoods of Hampton you’ll be hard pressed to not see a BWM, Audi, Volkswagen or any other European car roaming the streets.     

 Any European car enthusiast knows the challenges one faces in order to find the right shop that knows their way inside and out of a European sports car, that’s why German AutoSport is happy to provide Hampton residents with specialized service and high-performance auto upgrades.

 Don’t let our name fool you, not only do we specialize in German imports but many other European auto brands as well! Some of our most serviced brands include:

While we can handle any auto service and repair needs you may have, we also offer many other services that European car enthusiasts may need. For any Hampton residents that want to take their car to the next level German AutoSport offers high performance upgrades for a multitude of brands. We are one of the few Revo Technik high performance upgrades authorized dealers in the area. If you want to increase your horsepower and enjoy the best ride possible out of your European Auto, contact us today to as about your next performance installation with German AutoSport.

Anybody looking to prep their car for winter, install high-performance upgrades, or just have a shop to handle your day-to-day maintenance for anything European auto- look no further than German AutoSport. We have highly trained technicians that have a passion for providing fast and quality work to the residents of Hampton that need European car service. If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced European auto shop in the Hampton area, look no further than German AutoSport, give us a call at 978 388-1288 and we’ll handle any of your European auto needs!