How to keep your BMW running like new

According to Berkley news, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving, or 37,935 hours over their lifetime, which is incredible as this clearly shows how much we depend on our vehicle from running errands to getting to work. For most people, having a car is convenient to have in their daily lives. However, for BMW owners, this is a prize possession, something to be proud of. Car maintenance is extremely important in keeping your car running like new. Here are some useful car care tips for BMW owners.

Most Important Services.

Bringing your car for maintenance can be time-consuming, but having your BMW for a regular repair by a professional will keep your vehicle running faster, better and longer and most importantly help avoid costly emergency services later.
1. Engine. The engine is considered the heart of the car; therefore, it needs a lot of attention! We highly recommend having your car checked a few times a year. The last thing you need is your car breaking down on you in the middle of the highway.
2. Brakes. You should be checking your brakes as part of your regular necessary car maintenance. Our experts at German AutoSports recommends flushing the brake system every two years or so as strong brakes are key to your safety.
3. Tires. One of the most important safety system of your care. Being able to slow down the car or stopping from any sudden incident or accident. Improper working brakes will prevent you from doing so and cause more danger than your car but others on the road.
4. Cooling system. With BMW cars, the cooling system is a critical part of your car as it needs to be kept cooled and ideal operating temperature. To prevent your car from overheating, consider flushing your system with engine coolant as this will help protect the water pump, thermostat, and other internal components from frying up.
6. Oil. The BMW owner manual recommends changing oil every 12,000 to 15,000 miles as your car’s health is vital when it comes to keeping your vehicle stay in tip-top shape.

If you are unsure about your car’s condition, schedule an appointment and allow us to provide you the best solutions to your car needs.


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