Interior & Exterior Car Detailing in Amesbury, MA

We’ve all heard the good car keeping mantra before: Change your oil, check your tire pressure, and perform regular tune-ups. However, a car’s health isn’t only mechanical.

Important environmental factors like salt, dirt, moisture, sun, and fluctuating changes in temperature can degrade your car or trucks top paint, exterior metallic components, seals, joints, glass surfaces, and plastics (like headlight casings). Aesthetically, this can be displeasing and depreciate the value of your vehicle. Functionally, it can be detrimental and result in unnecessary expenses.

And it’s not only the exterior. Fabrics and leathers are more susceptible to wear when they’re dirty or moist. Dirt retains moisture perpetuating the problem, and moisture will damage the materials thereby compromising the materials ability to resist future moisture. The rub? It’s a vicious cycle.

Take care of your car. Depending on where you live, salt can be the number one reason for shortening your vehicles’ life, even totaling the car before the actual vehicle mechanics give out. If you detail the interior and exterior of your car, you’ll prevent salt scum build up and your car’s body will remain strong against rust.

If you regularly detail the interior of your car, your leather or upholstery will stay strong against moisture, dirt, and grime. This will prolong the life of your car and reduce expenses, as new upholstery is a very time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive job. Not to mention, your experience in the car will be more enjoyable, which isn’t a point to neglect.

We recommend a complete detail twice a year with regular wash and vacuum services in between. Enjoy your car, keep it strong, keep it beautiful, keep its value up, and keep more money in your pocket by getting your car thoroughly, professionally, periodically cleaned and detailed. Call German AutoSport for all of your detailing needs! (978) 388-1288



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