The 4 Most Common Repairs for Porsches

You can spend quite a fortune on luxury cars like Porsche, but unfortunately, you’ll still be faced with the expenses that can come along with the car. Like every car owner, you have to bear the brunt of repairs for your Porsche. Around the world, the reputation of the Porsche manufacturing Company is revered.

You may ask, why are we talking about repairs for such cars? Well, it is a “machine” and machines break down. Here, we have compiled the common repair issues you are most likely to encounter as a Porsche car owner.

The 4 Most Common Repairs

Engine problem

It is never a good feeling seeing excessive engine smoke from your Porsche 911 or the Boxter. The fault may not directly be from the engine. Instead, it may come from excessive overfill of oil. Oil overfill is always common with shops that do not have competent and experienced Porsche technicians. The oil capacity for the Porsche car is higher than most performance vehicles; therefore, it must be adequately filled.

A faulty oil separator can also lead to excessive engine smoke in your Porsche car. When you start seeing a puff of smoke from the exhaust pipe of your 996 or 986, you should seek the services of an experienced Porsche mechanic.

Faulty Transmission

When there is a problem in getting your Porsche into gear on your manual transmission, you probably have worn synchros. Ensure you service the transmission at regular intervals to avoid such occurrences. The Porsche Automatic transmissions are serviceable, but you must employ the right Porsche equipment with the proper Porsche transmission fluid. Most people have the misconception that modern Porsche car comes with unserviceable transmissions.

Cooling System

 If there is a leaking coolant fault on your Porsche, you may see the coolant dripping onto your garage floor. The most likely reason is the failed seal is located above the center of the car engine right inside the “valley.” It is common to see the coolant distribution pipe resealing feature in Porsche Panamera and Cayenne. You have to ensure your Porsche mechanic checks the cooling system of your car during each routine maintenance check.

Steering and Suspension Repairs

The ABS warning lights on your Porsche can be triggered because the ABS Electronic Module has failed. It is a very common fault in Porsche cars and can be replaced, or in some cases, you can have it rebuilt. Constant Velocity (CV) joints can cause wear and tear as the engine puts more demand on the strength of the CV joint. Always check the grease boots for any tears or cracks.

Contact German AutoSport for Porsche Repairs

For an efficient and affordable repair of your Porsche car, reach out to German AutoSport to have it fixed quickly! Located in Amesbury MA, our service center is in a convenient spot, especially for residents of Merrimac, Salisbury, Newburyport, and beyond. We have experienced and expert Porsche mechanics who understand your vehicle better than anyone. Give us a call today at 978-388-1288 to schedule a service!


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4 Audi Winter Maintenance Tasks

Having an Audi is something to be proud of and when you take pride in something, you do everything you can to take care of it! Maintaining your Audi is a year-long task, but the winter months require a little extra attention to detail to ensure both you and your car are safe. Follow these four maintenance tasks this winter and you’ll be driving in style safely!

Winter Maintenance Tips For Audi Cars

1. Check Your Lights

Winter occurs during daylight savings time which means it’s dark early and stays dark later into the morning. All of this extra time in the dark makes it more important than ever to have properly working lights. Check all of your lights, including both low beams and high beams, to make sure no bulbs are out. Once you know all of your bulbs are working, look for any signs of tarnish or build upon the light cover that could be impacting the brightness and visibility.


2. Upgrade Your Tires

Using winter tires is not just a safety recommendation, it’s the law. Visit your local Audi specialist to equip your car with winter tires before the weather gets too bad. Winter tires are different and safer than traditional all-season tires.


3. Inspect Your Battery

The battery in your car is put under more stress during the winter months. With cold weather and increased use of heat, wipers, and headlights, that’s to be expected! Visit your local Audi repair shop to have your battery inspected and find out if it’s working properly. The last thing you want is for your battery to die when you’re trying to get somewhere on time this winter.


4. Checking Fluids

While you’re at the Audi repair shop, ask them to check all of your fluids under the hood. You should top off your oil, antifreeze, and brake fluid before the temperatures drop. This is a great time to replace your oil filter too! Once your fluids have been checked by an Audi specialist, continue to monitor them yourself through the rest of winter. Keep your tank filled at least half full with premium gas to prevent condensation in your gas tank as temperatures drop.


Following these winter maintenance tasks will not only keep you safe this winter, but they’ll also extend the life of your Audi too! Remember to always take your Audi to a certified Audi repair shop for all of your Audi maintenance needs. Attempting to preform maintenance yourself without experience could have a disastrous outcome
for your vehicle.

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Common Vehicle Repairs You Should Get Checked This Fall

Fall is a busy time for many people as they gear up for holiday travel and festivities. However, it can also be a great time to make sure your vehicle is in excellent shape to handle all of your travel needs. Here is the list of the 8 most common vehicle repairs and maintenance items you should add to your autumn to-do list whether your car is a Mercedes, Porsche, Eurovan, BMW or Volkswagon.

8 Common Vehicle Repairs To Get Checked This Fall

1. Oil Replacement

Oil replacements are one of the most routine car maintenance tasks. As you’re reading this list, you are probably in need of an oil replacement. Get yours scheduled this fall to keep your car travel-ready.


2. Wiper Blade Replacement

As ice and snowfall on your car, you will need sturdy wiper blades to clean your windows. Wiper blades are usually very easy to replace on your own, and also inexpensive. There is no reason not to add a quick wiper blade replacement to your fall to-do list.


3. Air Filter Replacement

Your air filter should be checked at each oil change and replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Add it to the maintenance list when you take your car in for its oil change.

4. Tire Check or Replacement

To make sure your tires are ready for any inclement weather, make sure your tire pressure is consistent across all tires and at the appropriate level. You’ll also want to take a close look at your tire tread. If there seem to be any issues, you may want to have your tires professionally checked, or simply replace them.

5. Battery Check or Replacement

Many auto repair shops will check your battery for you for free. Make sure your battery is in working order, as the colder temperatures will make a faulty battery’s issues worse.


6. Brake Check or Replacement

With any inclement weather, you will want your brakes to be in optimal condition. If you notice any issues stopping or any sounds coming from your brakes, you will want to take them in for a repair right away. Otherwise, you might just have a professional take a look at them when you bring your car in for an oil replacement.

7. Antifreeze Top-Off

Before temperatures drop, be sure to add antifreeze to your car. This will keep it from freezing during the cold weather.

8. Engine Tune-Up

An engine tune-up is needed for all car engines. It makes sure the engine performs at the level it was designed to. Many cars can go 25,000 or more without needing a major tune-up but discuss with your automobile professional at the repair shop on the right schedule for your car.


By performing small vehicle maintenance regularly, you can keep your car running optimally and avoid any major car repairs down the line. Be sure to contact German Auto Sport for all of your car repair needs!

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5 Benefits of Getting a Wheel Alignment

Typically, when you buy a new set of tires, your mechanic performs a wheel alignment to ensure that your car is driving properly, but what about the rest of the time? Most people know that they should get their alignment checked but often don’t know why or put it off for too long. Wheel alignments are more important to the maintenance and longevity of your vehicle than you think. No matter what type of car you have whether it is an Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, or any other type of car wheel alignments are important for not only longevity but for car safety.  Read on to learn the important.

5 Reasons To Get an Alignment

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency: When the alignment of your car is off, your wheels aren’t working together in harmony. This means that your car has to work much harder to move in any direction, reducing fuel efficiency. Poor fuel efficiency can cost you a lot of money over time.
  • Experience a Smoother Ride: You’ll notice that your car drifts a bit to the right or the left when the alignment is off, even when you’re steering wheel is aimed straight ahead. You’ll have to be constantly steering to keep your car moving forward, which no one wants to do.
  • Reduce Future Repair Costs: Continuing to drive your car while the alignment is off will cause other parts of your car to break down unevenly and sooner than they should. Every time you hit a pothole (which we have no shortage of), your steering and suspension systems take a hit.
  • Increases the Life of Your Tires: Everyone knows that tires wear down and need replacing over time, but you can extend the life of your tires by ensuring that your wheels are properly aligned. When your wheels are aligned correctly, your car doesn’t have to work as hard, and ultimately causes less wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • Improved Vehicle Safety: As we mentioned earlier, important parts of your car can wear down unevenly when you’re driving around with your vehicle misaligned. This can lead to larger issues that could leave you stranded out on the side of the road or cause you to lose control of your car on the road.

How You Can Avoid Expensive Repairs in the Future

Bad alignment may not seem like a pressing issue when it comes to your car’s maintenance, but it can certainly become one if neglected. Your wheel’s being misaligned can cause MAJOR steering and suspension problems with your vehicle that are seldom a cheap fix. Don’t forget, if you haven’t had your wheels aligned recently, they probably need it. So, stop neglecting your alignment before it ends up impacting your ride.

If you are looking to have your car’s alignment check and fixed be sure to give German AutoSport a call today!

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Fall Car Care Checklist

Proper car care ensures that a vehicle will last for many years to come with a minimum amount of problems. Investing time, energy and finances into caring for a vehicle before problems arise can often prevent bigger and even more expensive issues from happening.

Fall Car Care Checklist

Tire and Treads

No matter if you have an Audi, Volkswagen, or BMW ensuring they have proper tires installed for upcoming winter months is important. It enhances safety and can decrease the likelihood of accidents related to road conditions from the fall and winter seasons. Car care should include periodically checking the pressure on tires since the drop in temperature will cause the pressure to drop in the tire as well. In addition to checking the tires, you will want to make sure your car’s alignment is fine as well. Bad alignment mixed with bad road conditions can be a formula for an accident.
Battery, Cables, and Lights

The battery connections are an important part of car maintenance and should be tight, battery terminals, as well as the ends of the cables, should be free of any type of corrosion. Check all lighting, from headlights to flashers and dome lights to ensure that they work is a necessary step in any car care checklist. The most important “light” to be wary of is your check engine light. Bringing in your car the second this light turns on will prevent any bigger issues from happening.
Washer Fluid and Blades

Run the wiper blades on a Mercedes to make sure that they don’t leave any streaks and are functioning properly. In cooler climates where heavy snow and ice are common, it might be necessary to install specialized wiper blades that work in these harsh weather conditions. The better the wiper, the better your visibility will be on the road. Installing washer fluid that contains a specialized antifreeze component designed to work during the winter will prevent freezing on the windows on a Porsche.

Take your Audi for a drive and use the brakes in a variety of methods and instances to ensure that they are working properly. With the conditions the fall and winter season bring to the roads, having properly working brakes is key for a safer drive during the cooler months.
Emergency Kit

Accidents happen the most during the fall and winter season so with this in mind it is good to have an emergency kit. Placing an emergency kit in your car, which contains the following items, will help keep those in the vehicle safe until help arrives. If your vehicle already has a kit, make sure every season that all the items inside work. If you need to make a kit of your own, here are some common items to help you during the fall and winter.

  • Snow shovel
  • Blankets
  • Winter Clothing
  • Water
  • Food
  • Traction Mat
  • Flashlight and Batteries
  • Jumper Cables
  • Towels and Wipes
  • Ice Scraper
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flares
  • Tool Kit
  • Mobile Phone and Charger


In Conclusion

Car maintenance should be done whenever your car tells you there is something wrong as well as it should be done seasonally. Each season presents new obstacles that could hinder your car’s performance so proper maintenance is key. If you need any type of repairs or maintenance on your BMW, Audi, or Volkswagen be sure to contact German Auto Sport today!

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5 Common Problems Volkswagen Owners Have

Different car makes and models suffer from common issues. Keeping an eye on the potential trouble spots common for your car can help you avoid costly repairs in the long run as it is always cheaper to catch a needed repair in the early stages. Volkswagen owners should watch out for:

5 Common Volkswagen Problems

Faulty Check Engine Lights
In some models, a wrong sensor or a software problem can make the check engine light come on even though there is not a problem. Still, when this light is on, it is always best to have it checked out by a repair shop.
A Buildup of Oil Sludge
Some Volkswagen models are notorious for building up excessive oil sludge. However, following manufacturer guidelines on oil changes and the type of oil can prevent this problem altogether. Volkswagen owners should be especially diligent when it comes to oil changes and other car maintenance.

Shorting Wiring Harnesses
In some Volkswagen models, minor electrical issues have become a problem over time. While the defect itself is not serious, if that is what Is wrong with your car, it is important to have electrical problems checked out by a specialist to make sure it is not more serious. A Volkswagen specialist can provide additional insight into any common issues you may be experiencing.
Malfunctioning Airbag Lights
It can be a bit unsettling when the malfunctioning airbag light comes on. If this light comes on in your Volkswagen, take it to a repair shop or Volkswagen specialist to be examined. If the light is the problem, a shop can make this Volkswagen repair quickly.

Coil Failure
This is one of the most common Volkswagen issues. Most repair shops will have these coils on hand. If you own a Volkswagen, you may want to have these coils checked regularly to avoid failure. Common car repairs like this do not necessarily need to be handled by  Volkswagen specialist.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or others, with your Volkswagen, make an appointment at a repair shop to have it looked at. By having any potential issues looked at during an early phase, you can save yourself a lot of money and hassle down the line. Seeing a Volkswagen specialist is recommended, as they will know about these common repairs and will not try other, most costly, solutions to fix a known problem.

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5 Questions to Ask an Audi Specialists

Audi service specialists are experts in Audi vehicles. If you have a question about your Audi, an Audi specialist should be your go-to resource. They are trained to care for Audi vehicles specifically. If you have one of these common 5 questions about your Audi, it is time to ask an Audi specialist.

5 Questions To Ask Audi Specialists About Repairs

1. What is that noise/vibration?
If you notice a change in your Audi’s performance, sound, or feel, see an Audi service specialist. When these changes first occur, they are often attributed to minor repairs. The longer the situation goes without being fixed, the more likely additional damage is to occur. If there are any problems, your service specialist can help you get the Audi repairs you need.
2. What are the upcoming scheduled maintenance items?
Since 2004, Audi has created car maintenance schedules for all of its vehicles. If you are wondering what service items need your attention next, you can ask your Audi service specialist. Asking ahead of time can help you budget for the work that needs to be done. Also, track of the upcoming maintenance and having it performed will keep your Audi running in optimal condition.
3. Are there any signs of future problems?
Sometimes during an inspection, a specialist might not warn you of a potential minor problem in order to avoid coming across as only wanting more money from you. Sometimes they may notice something that might be able to wait until your next inspection. Regardless, asking will open up the dialog and can help you better prepare for any upcoming maintenance.
4. Can I make changes to my driving to help my Audi?
If your Audi service specialist notices a potential issue, you may be able to keep it from becoming a big problem by making some changes to your driving habits. Your specialist can make recommendations that will help keep your Audi in optimal condition.
5. What would you do if this were your vehicle?
Asking this question is a great way to help you put any decisions you need to make in context. By listening to a third-party explain their rationale, you can more easily put your own situation into perspective. It is also another way to tell if a minor problem can wait a little while before being fixed in the repair shop or not. Asking these questions (or any question) is a great way to learn about your vehicle and keep it in optimal condition. The better you treat your vehicle now, the longer it will last.

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What is Carbon Build Up?

Newer car owners can avoid worrying about some of the more dated threats to car maintenance. That does not mean, despite what car makers will tell you, that you have no pending threat to your car and its state of the art engine. Overall, new vehicles are much more environmentally conscious, but a great number are using traditional fossil fuels. In this case, it is important to know what to look for in terms of carbon build up, as well as how to treat it should it become an issue.

What is Carbon Build Up?

There are few threats of carbon build up in older vehicles. New cars use engines that burn fuel like a fireplace, releasing emissions like smoke and carbon through the intake manifold. This is a fine process and keeps the fumes out of your cabin air, but unfortunately, that means that airflow through the engine will grow problematic the longer that carbon mucks up the intake. As carbon continues to make its way through the car as miles add up and more and more driving occurs with the new car, the chance of carbon emissions building up and clogging the engine increases as well.

Symptoms of Carbon Build Up

A number of warning signs can point to a carbon build up in your engine. The first and most common is going to be obvious issues with the engine. These could include the engine light turning on, or more subtle warnings like misfires and engine backfires. If you go to start the car and the engine does not want to comply, the carbon build up is a common cause. Likewise, any drivability issues that can’t be blamed on tire or alignment may very well be an issue of carbon build up. If the car is jerking while you drive, or even surging at stops, the engine should be checked for carbon build up immediately. At its worse, the entire car may shake or vibrate, and that’s a good reason to get your car into a shop immediately.

Preventing Carbon Build Up

A few things can help with carbon build up. Regular oil changes are a must, and so is the correct fuel. If your manufacturer recommends a certain type, make sure to use it whenever possible. Likewise, careful acceleration and use of the gas and brake pedal help to avoid excess stress on the engine.


For any issues with carbon build up, or questions about the quality of your car, reach out to us to make sure everything is okay and safe with your vehicle.

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Why You Should Have Your Battery Replaced by a Mercedes Benz Specialist

Your Mercedes Benz car battery will eventually need to be replaced as the chemical energy in the battery is depleted. A depleted battery commonly fails during extreme temperatures, when enough electricity cannot be produced to start the engine. It’s typical for a warning light to illuminate in your vehicle that indicates your charging system isn’t firing properly. At this point, it’s essential to contact a Mercedes-Benz specialist rather than try to take on a DIY job to fix the problem. You need a long-term solution that a jumpstart cannot provide. Let’s get into more detail regarding why it’s important to have your battery replaced by a Mercedes Benz specialist.

You Lack the Know-how to Replace Your Mercedes Battery

Just as much as it’s important to know when to replace your Mercedes battery, it’s equally as important to know how a replacement is to be done. A DIY replacement job, where you buy a new battery from a do-it-yourself store is not the way to do it. Keep in mind that your Mercedes Benz requires a specific type of battery for optimal operation. During a Mercedes battery replacement, there are particular procedures and sequences must be adhered to, and depending on your type of Mercedes-Benz, the car’s windows, sunroof and steering angle sensor may need to be resynchronized. Furthermore, when tasks such as clock reset and clearing diagnostic trouble codes are a part of the battery replacement process, a professional with the proper equipment and training is essential.

Mercedes Benz Specialists Can Prevent Short

A trained Mercedes Benz professional would know to take precautions to avoid a terminal short when performing a battery replacement. This involves ensuring that there is no contact between the positive terminal and the negative terminal and also preventing contact between the positive terminal and the frame of the car itself.

Benefits of Having Your Battery Replaced by a Mercedes-Benz Specialist

Ongoing relationship: Your Mercedes Benz is not just another vehicle. It has unique features and a battery replacement, if not done properly, can affect other aspects of the vehicle. Having an established relationship with a Mercedes Benz specialist can put your mind at ease when it’s time to address any battery problems since the specialist would have a knowledge of your car’s history.

  • Skilled Professional: A Mercedes Benz specialist is skilled in working with a particular brand of car, being familiar with the interior and exterior, as well as how it functions as a whole.
  • Proper Equipment: You can rest assured that a Mercedes Benz specialist will have access to all the specialized tools and equipment, computer or otherwise, that are designed specifically for servicing Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Treat your Mercedes-Benz like the investment it is by doing the proper maintenance work on it, using a skilled specialist that knows how your car works and should be serviced. For your battery maintenance needs, German AutoSport has the professionals that specialize in Mercedes-Benz, who are dedicated to producing great quality work and help to get you back on the road.

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BMW Repairs You Shouldn’t Try Yourself

Depending on the damage, some BMW repairs can be considerably costly. However, one of the things that you want to avoid doing is taking on the repair work yourself. A BMW is not just an ordinary vehicle; it has a sophisticated style, typically innovative and has a level of refinement. If automobile engineering is not your skill, don’t make a bad problem worse by attempting to repair your BMW. Here are some specific BMW repairs that you shouldn’t try to take on your own.

Auto Body Work

Do not try to tackle auto body work on your BMW after a collision. The simple fact is that such vehicles are produced using particularly sophisticated manufacturing processes. It can be tough to find the exact OEM BMW auto body replacement parts and the labor if typically intensive. The work is highly specialized and if you want to have your BMW in near mint condition, leave the work to the professionals.

Replacing The Windshield

Replacing your BMW windshield is no light task to handle on your own. Keep in mind that the auto glass is a protective element that should be treated with the utmost care. You want to avoid making your BMW more vulnerable by performing the faulty installation. In the process, you may also diminish the value of your vehicle. Find an auto repair specialist that is certified in auto glass work to get the job done right.

Computer System Repairs

BMW vehicles are known for their computer systems and if there is a problem with this system, you don’t want to chance to do the repairs yourself. To fix computer issues typically requires a proper diagnosis of the problem and without the right know-how, you risk making the issue worse. Trying to fix one issue can lead to a host of other problems if you touch the wrong thing.

Radiator Replacements

It can cost a pretty penny to replace your BMW radiator, but it is a good investment. There is greater potential for error if you try replacing the radiator yourself. This error could cause your BMW engine to overheat and could lead to significant engine damage, which would increase your repair costs by thousands of dollars.

German AutoSport can tackle your BMW repairs and produce quality and satisfactory results that beat the competition. German AutoSport prioritizes their repairs to work using factory trained technicians that never compromise when it comes to trusted-auto repair services.

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