MINI Maintenance Specialists

100_1412There’s something special about MINI’s, isn’t there?
German Auto Sport in Amesbury MA specializes in MINI maintenance and servicing.

Stick to the Schedule
MINI’s are German made cars and so you can be sure that it’s German Auto Sport’s specialty. Like any car, regular and scheduled maintenance and upkeep will keep your MINI running strongly and smoothly, retain better resale value, and help avoid costly fixes that may otherwise arise.

MINI maintenance schedule varies depending on make, model, and driving style, and we at German Auto Sport can assess this properly according to official MINI guidelines. The more you drive and the more aggressive you drive (say if you bring your MINI to the track every once in a while), it’s commonly understood that servicing becomes of higher importance, however it’s often thought that the less you drive, the less you must need maintenance – this is untrue.

Engine oil degrades over time, even if it isn’t used as much or as strenuously, but many people assume that changing engine fluids is determined by the amount driven. This common misconception can lead to sludge, gunk, and dirt build up that can harm the engine and be the cause of costly expenses down the line. This is exactly why it is important to go by your MINI’s scheduled maintenance plan.

The next time you need to change your MINI’s fluids or perform a tune up or maintenance, come to German Auto Sport. We’re Bosch certified and we specialize in MINI’s of all ages and kinds.  Call German Auto Sport today! 978-388-1288

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