Oil Change

How often should you change your oil? Should you change the oil after 3,000 miles of driving or should you change it after a span of 3 months of driving? The answer may surprise some people because in all honesty there really isn’t a clear defined answer.

Most newer cars will now have a system that will notify the driver if Oil Maintenance is needed, but if your car was not manufactured in the past decade then the safest bet for knowing when your car needs an oil change is to consult the owners manual on when and how often your car needs an oil change. The frequency that a car may need an oil change can be anywhere from 3,000 miles, 7,000 miles, or even 10,000 miles.

But when the time comes when oil maintenance is needed, German AutoSport is your go provider with years of experience in servicing any European car. We would love to answer the call to all oil maintenance needs that arrive throughout the year. Please feel free to call us at (978)3881288.

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