Audi, BMW, Volvo & Mercedes Auto Repair in Amesbury, MA

BMW, Audi, VW Auto Repair in Amesbury, MA

Although Amesbury, MA was known as a farming and mill town during the industrial revolution, today it has become mostly residential. Thats why German AutoSport opened its doors in Amesbury in 2003. Although Amesbury is a beautiful town, most residents need to commute to their jobs since it is not an industrial town. German AutoSport also decided on this area due to the large BMW dealership located in Stratham, NH. This area has a large number of BMW’s on the road today. Bring your BMW to the BMW experts at German AutoSport

Amesbury is a fairly wealthy area, many residents drive beautiful car such as Volkswagon’s, BMW’s and Audi’s. German AutoSport specializes in maintaining and improving these vehicles. Weather you need basic oil change or a complex detailing job, German AutoSport will make sure you leave happy! Winter can be harsh in Amesbury, dont the winter bring you mood or cars performance down. German AutoSport will make sure your car has everything it needs to survive these tough winters!