Porsche and Mini Cooper Auto Repair Service

As the temperatures begin to heat up with the summer months, German AutoSport is noticing some of the more exotic cars are starting to come in for services. Many sports car owners will store their vehicle away during winter months to protect them from the damaging road salt. Now that the temperatures are rising, owners are taking their automobiles out to be serviced and repaired for the summer months!

This week we had a Red Porsche Boxster from Amesbury, MA come in for a basic oil change and to have the mass air flow meter replaced.  The mass air flow meter is needed for the ECU to balance and deliver the correct fuel mass to the engine.

Porsche Repairs & Services in Massachusetts

We also did some work on a green Mini Cooper from Georgetown, MA. We gave the Mini Cooper and basic oil change but it also needed some important parts replaced. We replaced the power steering pump to allow for easier turning abilities, as well as replaced the auxiliary fan to prevent on-road overheating during the summer months!

Mini Cooper Auto Repair Service in Massachusetts

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