Prepare Your Car For Spring

Even if it is a glimpse of warm weather, it still gives us hope that Spring is just around the corner. We should be thankful that this Winter was mild and our vehicle was not tested. However, to ensure your car is still functioned and safe on the road, here are some helpful tips to get your car prepped for Spring.

Check your brakes.
The winter can be rough on the road especially if you live in Massachusetts. With ice and salt on the roads, brakes can lose its functionality, so pay attention to the sound of your brakes for any unusual noises as this can indicate a sign.

Replace your wiper blades.
Make sure your wipers are in excellent condition in preparation for the Spring. They are easily neglected and if they were not treated right, can cause your windows problems.

Take care of your tires.
If you swapped out your tires for the winter season, it’s time to start planning to swap it back as snow tires are not meant to handle spring conditions, and will wear down faster if you don’t change them.

Check your coolant level.
As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to keep your car engines at the right temperature, so don’t forget to check your manual book or speak to a local car maintenance guy to help check your fluids.

Re-evaluate your insurance policy.
Spring is the best time to have your insurance checked. Since you’re having your car checked you might as well, right?

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