Problems and solutions for cars in the rains

After a scorching summer in Massachusetts comes with heavy thunderstorms. Heavy rain is expected to fall where it comes to a hazard for drivers on the road. Here are the common problems we encounter and how to fix them.

Windscreen wiper is making noise and causing streaks.

It is recommended to replace your wipers once every year for maintenance to do its job properly.  Wiper blades go through all types of elements through the cold winter followed by the blazing hot summers which cause the rubber blades to tear and expose metal which can create damages to your windows

Car paint is looking dull after the rain, some areas may even rust.

We get it. You can never be prepared for the thunderstorm. However, applying a good coat of wax polish once a month on the body to protect it.

How to prevent my windscreen from misting up.

Most cars should have a windshield demister setting in the air-conditioning system. For other cars with manual HVAC, move the temperature control from extreme cold to a more moderate setting and switch on the AC.

Tires tend to lose pressure in the rains and often skid.

The weather can be the reason for tire pressure to drop. However, for good practice it is best to check your tires often! If you come across high wet road surface, do not speed up!

Water splashed into the engine and car has stalled.

This can be a big issue to your engine, if water falls on the ignition components, it can cause your car to stall. You need to get your car to a dry area and blow dry the engine with high pressure are if possible and have it checked out from the local car repair shop.

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