Revo High Performance Upgrades

German Auto Sport is an authorized dealer of Revo high performance upgrades. This high level technology has the ability to increase your car’s horsepower considerably!  Revo dealerships are spread wide and far across the United States because of their true success and popularity but here in Massachusetts, we are only one of three qualified dealers. From across northern Massachusetts, throughout New Hampshire and up into southern Maine, people come to for a Revo performance product

Underneath your hood lies an engine that has the ability to give off more power. The potential power is limited from a pre-programmed computer system. All vehicles have computers built into them that limit automobiles ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and automatic transmission shifting.

This computer system limits drivers who are looking for higher performance, including an increased acceleration & higher towing capacity.

This is where our high performance upgrades comes into play. This upgrade can be plugged into your vehicle to give it some extra horsepower and torque. With the use of the performance upgrade, your car can be faster and stronger.

For more information about the installation of our Revo high performance upgrades, give us a call at (978) 388-1288.


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