Spring Routine Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Spring is the perfect time to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle. Performing routine maintenance helps keep your vehicle in good physical shape. Well maintained vehicles overall perform better, are more dependable and reliable, achieve optimal fuel mileage and are safer for the driver and its occupants.

Routine maintenance is much more than your oil service intervals. Maintenance items can include air, cabin and fuel filters, spark plugs (sometimes replaced with coils and/or wires), battery, tire rotations, fluids… transmission, differentials, transfer cases, coolant, brake and power steering.

Maintenance intervals vary by application, mileage, condition and region. Performing regular routine maintenance can also identify wearing items before they become problematic.

Rodent Filter

We recently discovered this in a vehicles air filter housing. Please note, this vehicle is maintained on a regular basis but rodents can move in. Even with daily drivers. Rodents can make their way into the nooks and crannies of your cars engine quickly and without you knowing. It is obviously unfortunate news for the rodent, but can lead to major damage in your car if not spotted right away and removed.

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