Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer is around the corner! You know what that means, mini weekend breaks, taking the kids out, and road trips! But before you start making any further plans, there are still important factors you need to prepare. Just like Winter, Summer is crucial when taking your car out in the heat. Here are some quick tips to look out for.

1. Tires
We highly recommend checking your tires all year round. Keeping your tires in good condition will prevent you the trouble from the long road trips. It’s also recommended checking your spare wheel for any emergencies.

2. Fluids.
Oil, brake, power steering, and windshield washer should all be checked regularly. Some liquids may require more attention than others depending on how well you’ve maintained your car and the car model. If you noticed anything unusual with the brake, you should get in touch with your local mechanic right away.

3. Wipers.
Yes, wipers. Often neglected by car owners but it can cause an issue as worn wipers can create horrible streaks across the windshield which affects your vision while driving.

4. Air-Conditioning System
Air-conditioning is a must when it comes to summer essential. If the system has not been active during the winter, now is the time to have it fixed right away. Any leak that is left untouched will only cause more problem in the near future.

5. Dashboard Sunshade
Even when you’re not driving the car about it’s still important to protect the vehicle when being exposed to the sun during the day. A cover is inexpensive and will help protect the dashboard and keep the car to remain cool. Don’t forget the read windows for passengers and the kids.

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