Tips for Driving in the Snow

As we are in the middle of fall and it’s currently quite warm out, we have to realize that winter is actually right around the corner. Snow will start falling from the sky before we know it and the roads will start to get slippery and dangerous. Here are some helpful tips for driving in the snow:

  1. Don’t drive while being fatigued. As driving in the snow is more dangerous, this gives more reason to be well rested to handle the elements.
  2. Warming your car up in an enclosed area could possibly lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Always be sure if you are heating your car in a garage, that the door is open.
  3. Be sure that your car tires are fully inflated. Dull or flat tires will reduce the amount of traction.
  4. Try keeping your car tank at leat half full. If it gets too low, there is an increased chance at gas line freeze-up.
  5. Don’t use your cruise control in any snowy or slippery conditions.
  6. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. If you try to accelerate too fast in the snow, you’re at a high chance of skidding. Also, take your time and drive slow. All the actions you normally do on the roads take longer. Give yourself more time for everything you do.

During the winter, snow if one of the leading causes of crashes. Just be careful and follow these steps so you and your car can be as safe as possible.


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