Tips on Getting More Mileage Out of Your Car

Car troubles are inevitable! Repairs, breakdowns, and crashes can all happen and driving with more caution and safety will help reduce these problems. Another car expense you can’t remove is gas. Luckily, there are also ways when driving and before driving to help reduce these costs. Instead of choosing the cheapest gasoline option, here are a few techniques that will cut back on your costs.

Before Traveling:

  • -  Gas is densest at the coolest times of the day. Buy gas at this time and you will get the most out of your volume.
  • -  Be sure to use your manufacturers recommended motor oil and you could get up to a 2% increase in your mileage.
  • -  Replace your dirty air filter.
  • -  Get rid of any extra and unneeded weight in your car.

While Driving:

  • -  Try to not start and stop your car multiple times for no reason. Keeping your car idle for one minute uses a similar amount of gas compared to starting your engine.
  • -  The faster you drive, the more gas you consume. When driving at 55 mph, you can save up to 21% compared to driving 5-10 mph faster.
  • -  Try using cruise control on the highway when possible.
  • -  Traveling at the speed limit also allows for you to make more green lights. The more green lights you make, the less stopping and starting you will be doing.

It is our goal to make your driving experience the best that it can be. We believe saving money while on the road will help you out. For all your auto repair or car upgrades, we are also happy to talk about that. Feel free to stop by out Amesbury auto repair shop or give us a call at (978) 388-1288.

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