Volkswagen TDI Recall

Volkswagen has recently been accused of and has admitted to circumventing almost half a million US and 11 million world wide emissions control systems within their vehicles since 2008. In September, the EPA found that VW AG, Audi AG and VW Group of America for failing to comply with the clean air act regulations. From failing to comply with these regulations the EPA has found that specific Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen models are releasing more pollution then allowed. This leaves a harsh impact on the VW brand as we can only imagine the potential environmental and health implications these cars have caused.

On the Volkswagen website, they have posted a formal apology, which you can check out.

Below is a list of impacted VW models:

- VW Jetta

(2010 – 2015)
- Audi A3
- VW Golf

(2012 – 2015)
- VW Passat
- VW Beetle

(2013 – 2015)
- Audi Q7

(2013 – 2016)
- VW Touareq

(2014 – 2016)
- Audi A6 Quattro
- Audi A7 Quattro
- Audi A8/A8L
- Porsche Cayenne

- VW Golf SportWagen

Volkswagen has provided a tool where you can look up your specific vehicle to see if any recall applies with you. Visit their recall page and enter your Vehicle Identification Number to learn more.

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