Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

When spring rolls in, it’s the perfect time to clean up your vehicle and home as well. Most of us look forward to the warm weather to get out more often. We rely more on our cars to drive us out to the place we enjoy more. Replacing the cabin air filter at the end and beginning of the season will in make breathing better. For most people, quality air in the vehicle is the most crucial factor for our health and also to keep the families healthy.
While adding precautionary maintenance for your vehicle might seem daunting, having the vehicles air filter changed is one of the best action to take during spring. Below are the top 3 reasons why changing your air filter is a necessity:

  • Better Air Quality: For people who suffer from spring allergies, by replacing your air filter, not only will you receive cleaner air, you will also enjoy a stronger air from the vents. It’s quite simple, the cleaner the air filter, and the fewer things to contaminate or block incoming air.
  • Pollen’s a Problem: The most important reason for you to change your air filter is to ensure there won’t be pollen from outside when breathing. A car filter should always be replaced after every 13,000 to 16,000 miles, and it also a good idea to change them during the end of the pollen season. Pollen from outside often come with some allergies when blown through your deteriorated car filter.
  • Efficiency is Key: While cabin filter can make you breathe more comfortably. They are also capable of making things run smoothly. Dirty filter often results to the air conditioner or heater core been clogged, reducing efficiency that leads to headache down the road.
  • Reduces Stress on the System: If quality air isn’t your thing, but precautionary maintenance is, this 4th reason is meant for you. Since the climate control has to take in the air with the help of blower motor, the easier and faster the airflow the better, another problem with a bad filter is the lack of filtration. If dirt’s gets past the filter, it could end up in the climate system which often clogs essential parts of the vehicle. These can be bad for your wallet and also these parts can be quite expensive.
  • Clean Air, Clean Car: With unpredictable weather, your air conditioner is sure to get a lot of work, which places more strain on your filter. When this kind of thing happens, pollen isn’t the only thing that comes through your vents. If your filter isn’t changed regularly, dirt’s can build up and will eventually start blowing into the cabin, which can quickly turn to a dusty, messy car.

In Conclusion, the air filtration system help in putting less strain on the heating and the air condition system within the vehicle. Reduced effectiveness often leads to an avoidable tear and wear as well as the repair bills. It’s always nice to get maintenance done or checked after and before the season.

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